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Show Recap: Pretty Lights / Chromeo / Tegan and Sara @ NYC 12/7/2013

Pretty Lights performed a DJ set at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom in New York City on December 7, 2013, for the Pandora Holiday Party, with support from Chromeo (also performing a DJ set) and Tegan and Sara. Setlists, videos, and photos are below.

Tegan and Sara

  1. Drove Me Wild
  2. Goodbye, Goodbye
  3. Back in Your Head
  4. I Couldn’t be Your Friend
  5. I Was a Fool
  6. Now I’m All Messed Up
  7. Sentimental Tune
  8. Living Room
  9. Shock to Your System
  10. How Come You Don’t Want Me
  11. Feel it in My Bones
  12. Closer


Pretty Lights

  • (videos 1 2 3)

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