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Show Recap: mewithoutYou / A Great Big Pile of Leaves @ NYC 8/23/2013

mewithoutYou and A Great Big Pile of Leaves performed at the Bell House in New York City on August 23, 2013. Setlists, photos, and vine videos are below!

A Great Big Pile of Leaves


  1. Race Car Driving
  2. Meet Me at the Mall, Bring Your Swimming Trunks
  3. Vampires in Love
  4. Snack Attack
  5. Alligator Bop
  6. Pet Mouse
  7. Flying Fish
  8. This is A Country Song…
  9. Great Fun
  10. Ambiversion
  11. A Few Screws Loose
  12. We Don’t Need Our Heads



  1. Yellow Spider
  2. Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume
  3. February, 1878
  4. Tie Me Up! Untie Me!
  5. East Enders Wives
  6. Messes of Men
  7. The Dryness and the Rain
  8. Timothy Hay
  9. Nine Stories
  10. Aubergine
  11. Torches Together
  12. Allah, Allah, Allah
  13. Bear’s Vision of St. Agnes
  14. O, Porcupine
  15. My Exit, Unfair
  16. In a Sweater Poorly Knit

All photos courtesy of the lovely, talented Caitlin Hartmann. Follow her here for more concert photos.

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